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Application of ANFS Series in Energy Storage Station

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At present, electric cars are hot. Batteries are important as the power source of electric vehicles. The quality of the battery directly determines the level of the EV. ANFS power supply can realize voltage and frequency regulation function through operation panel, in order to simulate all kinds of foreign voltage situation.

Brakes (our brakes are customized according to the customer's demand) can realize the consumption function of the power battery. In short it can be understood as discharge resistance. A system consisting of ANFS+ brakes can realize the test function for the charging and discharging of the power battery, At the same time, the energy supplied by the power battery can be dissipated by the brake, Thereby reduce pollution to the grid.

The power supply system consists of two parts: AC power supply and brake, The system diagram and connection relation are shown in the following figure:

Battery charging process: The power is supplied to the battery test equipment by AC power supply, The DC bus voltage of the power supply is in the normal working range, and the brake does not start to work.

Battery discharge process: battery test equipment recharge power to the AC power supply, cause DC bus voltage to rise inside the power supply, After more than the set value, the brake starts work, the recharge energy is released by the load of the brake.