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ANPM600(F) Three-phase High-precision Power Analyzer

ANPM600(F) Three-phase High-precision Power Analyzer

    Six-channel simultaneous power analysis; Accuracy: 0.1%; Measurement bandwidth DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz; Sampling rate 200kSps; Maximum voltage: conventional 1000V, optional 1500V; Maximum current: 50A/20A (conventional)/10A/5A/2A/1A, optional sensor.
  • Six-channel simultaneous power analysis
  • Accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Measurement bandwidth DC, 0.5Hz~100kHz
  • Sampling rate 200kSps
  • Maximum voltage: conventional 1000V, optional 1500V
  • Maximum current: 50A/20A (conventional)/10A/5A/2A/1A, optional sensor
  • LCD display: Full touch screen experience, custom display entry, wave display
  • Data storage: custom storage items, export in CSV format
  • Perfect size: Standard 3U height, suitable for system integration
  • Free custom: 1~6 channel combination, matching boards with different current


PV inverter power measurement

GB/T 37409-2019 Testing specifications for photovoltaic grid-connected inverter
Voltage 0~1500V
Current 0~50A/current sensor
Simultaneous measurement of input/output (single-phase/three-phase) power and power factor
Automatic efficiency calculation
50th harmonic and distortion analysis
Two-way power measurement for buying and selling electricity

Electric vehicle electrical performance measurement

Multi-channel to measure multi parameters simultaneously: OBC, charging pile efficiency test, battery charging/discharging performance, power conversion performance, motor performance, etc.
AC/DC, 50A maximum current, extended to higher current sensors
High accuracy, basic accuracy of 0.1%, minimum power resolution of 0.1mW
Measurement of instantaneous RMS, mean, peak, electric energy, etc. of AC/DC signals

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