AN9640H(F)/AN9651H(F) Efficient Electrical Safety Tester

AN9640H(F)/AN9651H(F) Efficient Electrical Safety Tester

    7-in-1: ACW/DCW/IR/GB/LC/PW/ST; High precision: 1% accuracy for safety comprehensive analyzer, 0.1% accuracy for power; High speed: GB and ACW/DCW/IR in parallel, up to 0.5s step fast test.

Product Introduction

This Ainuo AN9640H(F)/AN9651H(F)/AN9651H-C(F) efficient electrical safety comprehensive tester features high speed, high accuracy and informatization, suitable for lines of intelligent manufacturing with fast-pace, hybrid, automation, informatization and MES management.

In addition to seven-in-one testing, this series of products has rich optional functions for sub-sectors, including automatic multi-stage power judgment, smart lamp switching test, LN phase sequence detection, LN detection, 64A ground bond resistance test, 500W/6kW/10kW testing power supply, U.S. standard testing power supply, LC and PW uninterruptible power supply test, etc.

This series of products can meet the safety standard testing requirements of various electrical products such as household appliances, energy-saving lamps, medical equipment, information equipment, audio and video equipment, laboratory equipment, and charging piles.

PC ESRS system, with barcode scanning interface to automatically identify the product barcode and specifications, automatically call the test program, scan the code and start automatically, and pack and store the test data.

PC ESRS system, with local storage of test data, data query, statistics and export; real-time transmission of test data, active upload, query upload, breakpoint resume, etc.; downloading test programs from the server.

Optional connection with MES through WIFI, LAN, RS232 and other interfaces, connection with intermediate table of SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL and other database, Modbus TCP connection, Web Api interface for connection, as well as connection with local TXT and Access database.


High reliability
  • 13 draft units who participated in drafting of national standards and verification regulations for safety comprehensive tester;
  • 30 years of experience on safety testing expertise and understanding of customer needs;
  • Strict electromagnetic environment, load conditions, endurance test verification;
  • Electric shock protection, arc detection, open circuit detection, slow rise and down;
  • 1% accuracy for safety compliance analyzer, 0.2% accuracy for power.
High speed
  • Fast measurement and control: 0.5s step fast test, self-starting of first item after GB;
  • Parallel test: GB and ACW/DCW/IR in parallel, time-saving.
  • Intelligent system: PC ESRS system;
  • Barcode management: barcode scanning and recognition, program matching, scan to start;
  • Data management: test data storage, query, export, program file copy;
  • Connection with MES: LAN/WIFI interface, MES connection for various database.
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