AN9640B(F)/AN9651B(F) Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester

AN9640B(F)/AN9651B(F) Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester

    6-in-1: ACW/IR/GB/LC/PW/ST; High stability: 1.5% 1% accuracy for safety compliance analyzer, 0.5% accuracy for power; High reliability: industry classic, best-selling for 30 years.

Product Introduction

This Ainuo AN9640B(F)/AN9651B(F)/AN9651F(F) series electrical safety comprehensive tester is a typical safety tester in the industry, and has been sold well at home and abroad for nearly 30 years. This product keeps pace with the times in terms of functions and performance, and is continuously improved to meet the requirements of change of electrical product safety standards and changes of safety compliance testing requirements of production lines.

This series of products can meet the safety standard testing requirements of various electrical products such as household appliances, energy-saving lamps, information equipment, audio and video equipment and laboratory equipment.


  • Regulations: comply with safety standards in various industries and meet the testing requirements of new standards.
  • Multi-function: integrating comprehensive testing of safety performance and electrical performance such as AC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, ground bond resistance, leakage current, power parameters, starting performance, etc., one station, one-key start, and complete full-function testing quickly.
  • Perfect configuration: 500VA AC withstand voltage (AC 5kV/100mA), 200mA or higher short-circuit current, optional dynamic withstand voltage, up to 32A ground bond resistance test current, and 12V or lower open circuit voltage; leakage current testing under operating/non-operating temperature, standard GB/T12113 Figure 4 Human Body Simulation Network (MD).
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