AN9651TH(F) Three-phase Electrical Safety Comprehensive Test

AN9651TH(F) Three-phase Electrical Safety Comprehensive Test

    8-in-1: ACW/DCW/IR/GB/LC/PW/ST/WT; High stability: 2% accuracy for safety comprehensive tester, 0.5% accuracy for power; Single/three-phase: suitable for comprehensive test of single /three-phase products.

Product Introduction

This AN9651TH(F) series electrical safety comprehensive tester has eight-in-one testing (ground bond resistance/insulation resistance/AC withstand voltage/DC withstand voltage/leakage current/power parameters/start-up/waiting), compatible three/single-phase loads, suitable for safety testing of line, labs, quality inspection department of electrical appliances such as central air conditioning, commercial heaters, commercial kitchen utensils and others.


  • Multi industrial standards: comply with CCC, IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS and other mandatory electrical safety standards. 200mA or higher short-circuit output current for 500VA withstand voltage (AC 5kV/100mA). Built-in replaceable MD card for leakage contact current test network, suitable for various industrial standards for different MD.
  • Complete functions: AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, ground bond resistance, leakage current, operating power, low-voltage start and waiting.
  • Multi power supply: built-in isolated power unit, automatically control of power supply of the product under test; external variable frequency power supply for testing online. Optional three-phase isolation transformers or variable frequency power supply and U.S. standard power supply of various specifications (20kVA/45kVA/60kVA/90kVA).
  • Intelligent test: 15 groups of memory of test conditions, 8-step programming for each group; one-key start to complete all tests.
  • Automatic control: interfaces for RS232/RS485/LAN (optional), barcode scanner, variable frequency power supply control, digital control, easy to configure automatic test systems.
  • Information management: optional PC and ESRS software for barcode recognition, data management, MES connection.
  • Simple operation: 10.4” TFT color screen, menu operation, Chinese/English dispaly, socket-type test tooling.
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