AN9633H(F) Series Multi-channel Parallel Safety Tester

AN9633H(F) Series Multi-channel Parallel Safety Tester

    3-in-1: ACW/DCW/IR; Ten-channel parallel: Multi-channel synchronous/asynchronous test; Multi-condition test: Channel independent or uniform setting, common loop test; High precision: 1% accuracy.

Product Introduction

Ainuo AN9633H(F) series comprehensive multi-channel parallel electrical safety test system, with AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance three-in-one function, up to 10 channels of parallel output, meeting the requirements for rapid safety testing of electronic components such as chargers, transformers, connectors, contactors, relays, wires and cables, switches, resistors, capacitors, etc.

4, 6, 8 and 10 channels can be chosen for this series of products for testing as required. Each channel has independent power amplifier, booster and measurement circuit. Each channel supports independent or uniform parameter setting, supporting multi-channel synchronous/asynchronous start of testing.


Safe and reliable
  • Complete electromagnetic, environment, load, operating conditions, fatigue test verification;
  • Anti-shock protection, arc detection, open/short circuit detection etc.
Convenient and efficient
  • Fast test: 10 channels in parallel, fast switching, independent judgment;
  • Flexible operation: independent/uniform setup, synchronous/asynchronous start.
Efficient integration
  • High volume ratio: 4U standard chassis, equivalent to 10 sets of 3-in-1 testers;
  • Rich interfaces: RS232, PLC, USB, LAN (optional) port.

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