PVS(F) Series Photovoltaic Safety Analyzer

PVS(F) Series Photovoltaic Safety Analyzer

    5-in-1: ACW/DCW/IR/GB/DCGB; High precision: 1% accuracy; High speed: AC GB and ACW/DCW/IR in parallel; Informatization: Android platform, data storage, barcode recognition, MES connection.


This Ainuo PVS(F) series photovoltaic safety analyzer has the characteristics of intelligence, high speed and high precision, with functions for AC/DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, AC/DC ground bond resistance test, arc detection, open/short circuit detection, electric shock protection and others.

The series of products has wide ranges: 5kV/100mA AC withstand voltage, 6kV/20mA DC withstand voltage, 6kV/50GΩ insulation resistance, 32A (or 64A)/600mΩ AC grounding test, and 40A (or 60A)/600mΩ DC ground bond resistance test.

This series of product has an intelligent platform, informatization functions and automatic interfaces, meeting requirements of high-quality development, intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading.

This series of products can meet the safety testing requirements of various electrical products with AC/DC input/output, such as photovoltaic modules, inverters, switching power supplies, electric drives, batteries, and charging piles.


Safe and reliable
  • Draft units who participated in drafting of national standards and verification regulations for safety compliance analyzers;
  • 30 years of experience on safety testing expertise and understanding of customer needs;
  • Complete electromagnetic environment, load conditions, endurance test verification;
  • Electric shock protection, arc detection, open/short circuit detection and other functions.
Convenient and efficient
  • Fast measurement and control: fast test, switching and discharge;
  • Parallel test: AC GB and ACW/DCW/IR in parallel, doubled speed;
  • Flexible configuration: multi functions, channels and models.
Intelligent and automatic
  • Smart safety compliance analyzer: Android system, 7” touch screen, self-learning smart keyboard;
  • Barcode recognition: barcode scanning, program matching, automatic startup, data packing;
  • Data management: local storage, network transmission, direct connection with MES system;
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, PLC, USB, CAN, WIFI.
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