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Transformer Induction WIthstand Voltage Tester
Product Model:
AN96810(F) Series
mainly used in transformer industry.
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Product overview

The Transformer Induction Voltage Analyzer is mainly used in transformer industry.

In addition to the main insulation of the transformer, that is, the insulation between the windings and between the winding and the iron core, the transformer has another important insulation performance index - vertical insulation. Vertical insulation means the insulation of transformer windings at different points and parts with different potentials, including turn-to-turn, between the layers and between the segments. The "Induction voltage test" in national standards and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard is one of the test methods to test the vertical insulation of the transformer.

Ainuo AN968 Series Transformer Induction Voltage Analyzer is a professional equipment to test the vertical insulation performance of the transformer, using multi unique and international leading technologies with excellent high-accuracy active power measurement, to effectively used for determination of interturn short circuit in some microelectronics transformers.

In micro-electronic transformers, due to high number of turns (more than a few thousand) and thin wire (enameled wire diameter of 0.1mm or less), for several or dozens of turns of short circuit, compared with normal transformers, the test current under doubling frequency doubling voltage changes less, while the change to active power is obviously (the change is generally about 50% for 10 turns short circuit).Experiments show that in case there is interturn short circuit, the power factor of the transformer changes greatly, the active power changes greatly, so it can be used as an auxiliary test means to more accurately judge the performance of the transformer.

Current, power and power can be used to identify the inter-turn short circuit of the transformer. Power measurement is the best basis for determination. AN968 analyzer adopts fast identification to simulate non-destructive testing, no damage to the tested transformer, to ensure accurate testing, high efficiency, ideal for labs and transformer line.

Product features

·         Wide voltage range2001200V

·         Wide frequency range: 50-600Hz;

·         Measurement: voltage, current, frequency, active power;

·         Key lock, humanization design to prevent mis-operation;

·         HD VFD display;

·         Standard RS232 port, optional RS485 port or remote control port.

Product application

·        Transformer induction withstand voltage test

Technical specifications

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