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Switching Power Supply Test Solutions

Switching power supply is widely used in various electronic products because of its small size and high efficiency. It can be divided into AC-DC power supply according to the conversion method, mainly including power adapter, charger, power board, PC power supply, industrial power supply, etc.; and DC-DC power supply with module power supply as the main application, AC-AC power supply with UPS as the main application, and DC-AC power supply with inverter as the main application.

As the switching power supply test items are more, the testing time is long, in the production line testing, take the use of AC power supply, power measurement instrument and electronic load on the unpackaged power supply for the initial inspection, to be packaged, electrical safety testing and the main characteristics of the comprehensive test, in order to improve efficiency, the switching power supply test is generally used in parallel multi-channel test automation system.

Ainuo is committed to the electrical and electronic industry test solutions provider, integrated with the company's high-quality products to provide accurate, reliable, high-speed, consistent test solutions for switching power supply testing, including electrical safety analyzers, AC test power, DC test power, power analyzers, DC electronic load, and multi-channel parallel switching power supply automatic test system. At the same time, we can provide customers with a developmental software platform, which facilitates users to independently build test processes and standards, edit and generate test reports, and supervise remote test data to achieve automation, informationization and intelligence of testing.

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