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AC/DC Electronic Load
Product Model:
AN29(F) Series
High power single-phase power supply test
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Product overview

AN29(F) series AC/DC electronic load has flexible parallel and online functions. When multiple units are connected in parallel, they can expand the current and power, meeting testing requirements of high-power single-phase power supplies. When three-phase online, a three-phase load is formed to meet the three-phase power testing requirements. Multiple units can also be connected in parallel to form a high-power three-phase electronic load.

Product features

l  CE

l  Power Capacity: 1400W~ 8400W

l  Working voltage is low to 2V, and up to 350Vrms

l  Current range: 10Arms~60Arms, peak current: 45A~ 270A

l  Frequency range: 44~ 1000Hz, DC

l  Peak factor: 1.4 ~ 5.0000

l  Adjustable power factor, setting range 0-1.0

l  3 units in parallel to realize 3 phase load

l  Work mode: Constant current CC, constant resistance CR, constant power CP

l  Current shift: current shift can be adjusted under testing

l  DC: Static loading, dynamic loading, 40 programming steps

l  AC: Waveform simulation, sine, 3-15 harmonic, phase gate, crest factor

l  Upper/lower limits adjustment, over limit alarming(GO/NG)

l  Remote voltage detect sense port, used for precise measurement, eliminate wires voltage drop

l  Protection function: Over voltage, over current, over power, over heat, DC reversed polarity. Measurement parameter: U, I, P, F and PF

Order information and extended functions

l  AN29201(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/10A/1400W
l AN29202(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/20A/2800W
l AN29203(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/30A/4200W
l AN29204(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/40A/5600W
l AN29205(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/50A/7000W
l AN29206(F): AC/DC Electronic Load 260V/60A/8400W
l RS485, GPIB optional

Production Function

l  Waveform simulation

Test Function

l  Power factor test
Simulate inductive and capacitive load, PF is from 0 to 1. If load current phase shift and PF are both need to set, PF can be set on front panel easily, do not need wire connection.

l  Regulation test
Under CC mode, load current is just changing setting value, not with DUT output voltage. Please refer to the characteristic curve

l  Dynamic performance test
Dynamic mode is switching between 2 levels in cycle, please refer to the characteristic curve. Dynamic current rising/dropping slope can be adjusted separately

l Programmable steps
4 groups, 10 steps/group. 4 groups can be parallel into 40 steps, and also can be divided into separated steps

l Connect in parallel and series
3 units in parallel to realize 3 phase load

Product application

High power single-phase power supply test

Technical specifications

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