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High Power DC Electronic Load
Product Model:
AN23600E(F) Series
used for testing of products in new energy vehicle OBC, power battery, charging pile, power electronics, servo/server power supply, high voltage UPS, military industry, photovoltaic, power grid energy storage, aerospace and other fields.
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Product overview

This AN23600E(F) series is a brand-new high-power DC electronic load developed by Ainuo Instruments, with voltage of 150V/600V/1200V and power of 2kW~60kW. This series of electronic loads are mainly used for testing of products in new energy vehicle OBC, power battery, charging pile, power electronics, servo/server power supply, high voltage UPS, military industry, photovoltaic, power grid energy storage, aerospace and other fields. A new generation of digital controller is adopted, with built-in five modes and seven advanced modes, providing series test to meet the user's programming, automated test and other needs.

This AN23600E series provides a complete series of models, as shown in the table below:

Product features

l  High power density, 4U high for 6kW, 13U high for 24kW; compact, light, convenient;

l  Precision measurement, accuracy of voltage 0.015%+0.015%F.S., current 0.04%+0.04%F.S. and power 0.1%+0.1%F.S. (unchanged at high temperature);

l  Built-in dynamic loading mode, dynamic frequency up to 50kHz, Vpk+/- test;

l  Built-in FLEX mode, to simulate capacitive load, inductive load and composite impedance load;

l  Wide range, current range almost twice the traditional high-power load with same capacity;

l  Excellent dynamic characteristics, rapid current rise up to 96A/us;

l  Built-in constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CP), short circuit simulation, overcurrent protection test, series test and other functions;

l  Complete protection, including overcurrentovervoltageovertemperature everse connectionSENSE protection, etc.;

l  Built-in temperature acquisition chip and speed-adjustable fan control;

l  Built-in battery mode, suitable for battery integration and timing during discharge test;

l  Rich interfaces, standard RS232, optional RS485/LAN/GPIB/CAN and others.

Product application

l  DC charging pile/vehicle charger, power electronics test

l  Testing of intelligent manufacturing and industrial motors

l  Test of automotive electronics, such as fuses, control boxes, etc.

l  Test of simulated relay load

l  Test of military aerospace power supply

l  Test of server power supply, high voltage UPS, communication power supply

l  Battery discharge test

l  Test of photovoltaic module array, wind power generation dummy load

l  Test of simulated energy storage system

l  Test of DC power supply and power electronic components

High power density, compact, wide voltage rage

The AN23600E series load has wide range of voltage/current input for various testing of high current and low voltage, or high voltage and low current, featuring high power density, half the volume and one third the weight of traditional electronic loads.

Basic mode

Built-in constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), fixed point group, and constant power (CP) modes to meet various testing requirements.

FLEX mode - Built-in complex impedance network power-on mode

The input filter capacitor in real load will cause huge inrush current at the moment of power-on. The parasitic resistance and inductance of long internal lead will cause further distortion of the loading wave. So its impedance will be equivalent to a complex impedance network.
The built-in complex impedance (FLEX) mode of 23600E series is designed to simulate such loads to test the suitability of the power supply under test. The four test parameters shown in the figure below are decomposed according to the characteristics of real load in this mode. After power-on, the load will load current according to the set impedance network.

BATY mode - Dedicated mode for battery test

The AN23600E series load provides three discharge modes for batteries: constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR) and constant power (CP), and can control the loading of the electronic load by setting the voltage threshold and test time (1~100000 seconds) to avoid damage to the battery caused by over-discharge. In addition, it provides discharge level indication.
BATY mode is also available for supercapacitors and other similar discharge tests.

LED Mode - Simulate LED load mode

The AN23600E series load has built-in load mode to simulate LED, loading as shown in the right figure to simulate the current of LED 0A before it is turned on and volt-ampere rise after turn on. The electronic load is adopted to simulate loading to avoid problems of light pollution and instability of parameters caused by the LED strips and/or resistive loads.

CCD Mode - Fast Dynamics and Vpp Test

The AN23600E series load has built-in high-speed dynamic loading test function, and the dynamic change can be up to 50kHz. The user can set the number of repetitions for a period (1~100000), or continuously perform dynamic loading. As shown in the figure below, you can set the current high/low loading value, loading time, rising/falling slopes, etc. While performing dynamic loading, the load also provides peak-to-peak voltage measurement with acquisition frequency of up to 500kHz.

CC mode - Ultra-fast loading speed and ultra-low overshoot

The AN23600E series of loads can provide ultra-fast loading.
For example, AN23606E-1200-240 can provide 12A/us rising speed. In addition to rapid loading, the built-in digital controller of the load can minimize the wave of current rise at full speed for overshoot amplitude AN23600 series.

CV mode - High performance controller with adjustable loop speed

With more applications of constant current (CC) sources,
This AN23600E series load has built-in optimized zero compensation controller. While satisfying fast, stable and accurate loading, there are three kinds of loop speed adjustable, expanding the load adaptability. Different from the ordinary integral-type lag control, an obvious advance predictive control link can be seen in the right figure. The bottom is the current wave, and the pre-judgment of the power supply under test is completed first, so that the CV loading process can be completed quickly and stably.

LIST mode – Series loading

Up to 8 groups of data can be edited via built-in series test of AN23600E load. 200 steps can be edited for each group, and the execution time (0-100s) can be edited for each step.

Different loading current waves are provided in battery discharge, server, communication power combined load modulation and other occasions, as an effective supplement to dynamic current testing.

High precision measurement

This AN23600E series load provides three levels for voltage/current measurements. Taking AN23606E-1200-240 as an example, the voltage is 150V/600V/1200V, meeting the needs of low-medium-high voltage; the current is 24A/120A/240A, providing accurate measurements for different applications. High-precision A/D and D/A chips, with accuracy of voltage 0.015%+0.015%F.S., current 0.04%+0.04%F.S. and power 0.1%+0.1%F.S.

Instantaneous overpower capability

The AN23600E series has instantaneous 2 times overpower loading capacity, so that the load can withstand the loading capacity exceeding the rated power in short time,
Idea selection of impact products.
Users can select models according to the rated power of the power supply or battery instead of the maximum power, low cost, high adaptability.

Precisely lock power protection point

Too large output current/power of the source under test may cause damage. Therefore, most of the power sources under test have overcurrent/overpower protection: the output voltage is reduced or stopped when overloaded. So this kind of load provides test modes for this situation - Over Current Point, Over Power Point (OCP, OPP).
When the load detects that the voltage is less than or equal to the threshold after setting the loading circuit and the threshold, the loading stops, and the current/power at the moment of protection is displayed on the screen, and the result is judged according to the protection point.

Visual programming software

Users can test using the PC software programming load. It will be troublesome to set the series test (List) via the load interface, but can be set quickly via the graphical interface of the host, cooperated with the wave drawing, convenient for the testers.
Over Current Point, Over Power Point (OCP, OPP), the host will store the test results and process data automatically and generate a test result report.

Acquire data

The user can acquire the instantaneous voltage/current via acquisition of the load and cooperating with the trigger source, and draw a wave of the data points via the host software. The test data can be exported to a excel file.

Acquisition time: 1-40 us; resolution: 1 us
Number of acquisition points: 1~1024 (total number) 
Trigger source: Load on/Load off/TTL/BUS/Manual  


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