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High Power Bidirectional DC Power Supply
Product Model:
ANEVT(F) Series
Electric vehicle motor, controller test, charging pile test, photovoltaic energy storage system converter test.
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Product overview

ANEVT(F) series high-precision bidirectional DC power supply is a high-tech product integrating high-frequency PWM rectification, bidirectional DCDC conversion and FPGA digital control technology. It has the function of self-adaptive grid feedback to meet continuous energy feedback to the grid at full power, and seamless switching between forward and reverse to realize seamless connection of energy transmission. The dual-loop control technology achieves ultra-high control accuracy and fast response to customer equipment applications, ensuring equipment test stability and test data accuracy. The ultra-wide output voltage range and rich output programming and testing functions can better meet the needs of customers for different product testing. The equipment also has multiple protection programming functions, which can better protect the safety of customer equipment during the testing. At the same time, many additional functions improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation.

Product features

·         Multifunctional machine: battery simulation, bidirectional output;

·         Integrate source and load, the parameters can be set separately;

·         High voltage, high current, wide range output;

·         Self-adaptive grid feedback function, continuous energy feedback at full power;

·         Support CV, CC, CP working modes;

·         Ultra high precision output, voltage 0.05%F.S. current 0.1%F.S.

·         Fast dynamic response, load switching time ≤5ms, forward/reverse switching time: ≤6ms.

·         High quality power factor, low input current harmonics, power factor ≥0.99, current harmonics ≤3%;

·         Battery simulation function, supports the simulation of different types of battery characteristics such as lithium, nickel-metal hydride and lead-acid;

·         Programmable output function, can program output a variety of waveforms;

·         Programmable output ramp-up function to reduce the voltage impact on customer equipment;

·         Built-in multi-stage input and output filter device to eliminate interference to grid and load equipment;

·         Built-in professional heat dissipation design to support long-term continuous operation of equipment;

·         Support CAN, RS232/RS485, LAN and other communication interfaces;

·         3-in-1 operation mode: buttons, knobs and touch screen, the operation is convenient and fast;

·         Large-screen LCD display, the display is more intuitive.

Product application

·         Testing of electric vehicle motors and controllers

·         Testing of electric vehicle transmission system and powertrain system

·         Testing of special electric vehicle motors, controllers, electric vehicle transmission systems, and powertrain systems

·         Testing of fuel cell

·         Testing of new energy motor system

·         Testing of ship electric drive, electric drive system

·         Testing of charger and charging pile

·         Testing of battery pack charge/discharge

·         Testing of capacitor and super capacitor charge/discharge

·         Testing of energy storage system converter

·         Testing of UPS and EPS system

·         Testing of hybrid

·         Simulated battery to replace real battery-powered test applications

·         Power supply for high-power DC test

Technical specifications

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