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Multi-channel High Precision Power Analyzer
Product Model:
ANPA1000 Series
Multi-channel High Precision Power Analyzer
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Product overview

Multi-channel High Precision Power Analyzer  ANPA1000 Series 

Channel configuration

Product features

  1.Six-channel synchronous power analysis.

  2.Basic accuracy: 0.03%×Reading+0.05%×Range.

  3.Measurement bandwidth: DC, 0.5Hz-1MHz.

  4.Maximum voltage: 1,000V (DC1,500V).

  5.Rich specifications: 50A/30A (standard)/5A, standard BNC interface, and optional sensors.

  6.LCD: full touch screen experience, customizable display interface items, and multiple waveform displays.

  7.Data storage: customizable storage items, CSV format export, and on-device screenshot saving.

  8.Perfect size: standard 4U height, compliant with system integration requirements.

  Display interface

  4-item display / 8-item display / List display

  Waveform Display - Instantaneous Graph / Waveform Display - Trend Graph / Waveform Display - Vector Graph / Split screen display

Product application

  1.Power, efficiency, and harmonic analysis before and after aging in the production process of photovoltaic inverters.

  2.Measurement of electric vehicle, OBC, and charging station electrical performance.

  3.Power consumption and mechanical efficiency tests of motor benches and variable frequency motors.

  4.Analysis of power, harmonics, and surge currents in switching power supplies.

  5.Harmonic analysis of power electronics and transformers.

Technical specifications

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