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High-accuracy Three-phase Power Meter
Product Model:
AN87330(F) Series
Test requirements for three-phase equipment in motor, home appliance, new energy and other fields
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Product overview

AN87330 series high-precision power analyzer, using the latest FPGA + ARM digital processing system, to achieve full synchronization sampling, fully meet the market demand for testing three-phase equipment in the field of motor, household appliances, new energy, etc.

Product features

Test bandwidth: DC, 0.5~100kHz, 0.1%, 0.15~1000V, 0.2m~50A (including custom range)
50th harmonics, external sensor input
Standard LAN port, RS232/485 port, MODBUS-RTU, TCP-MODBUS and custom protocols.
Optional motor board, compatible with electro-mechanical power synchronization efficiency test.

Product application

Photovoltaic inverter and other single/three-phase product power, efficiency, harmonic analysis, test before/after aging, widely used in the test system ATE platform.
Electric vehicle and charging pile electrical performance measurement.

Technical specifications

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