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Regenerative DC Electronic Load
Product Model:
ANEL(F) Series
Fuel cell test, charger, charging pile test, battery pack, battery pack discharge test, capacitor, super capacitor discharge test, energy storage system converter test
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Product overview

ANELF series Regenerative DC electronic load adopts high-frequency PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC conversion, FPGA digital control, energy Regenerative to the grid at full power, more energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly compared with conventional DC load; advanced digital control, ultra-high control accuracy, fast response, wide output voltage range, it can achieve full range of load input from 0V to full scale.

The Regenerative DC electronic load realizes the DC load function of automatic energy Regenerative to the grid. Compared with the conventional load, it is more convenient and safe. The conventional load is energy-consuming, and energy is consumed by resistance heating; the Regenerative DC electronic load is energy-feeding, and the energy is fed back to the grid, green, environment friendly, reliable, safe, featuring outstanding advantages.

Product features

l  Two-stage circuit of PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC, achieving load of automatic energy Regenerative to the grid, energy saving, green and environment protection.

l  Mainstream high-frequency PWM rectification control, power factor 0.99, THD and injected harmonic current meet the requirements of GB/T14549-93, high-quality energy Regenerative to the grid.

l  High-precision output: accuracy of voltage and current: ±0.1% F.S.

l  Fast dynamic response: response time for 10%-90% sudden applied load and 90%-10% sudden shedding load: 5ms

l  Optimized bidirectional DCDC conversion, wider range of DC input voltage, 0V-full scale DC input.

l  CC, CV, CP modes.

l  Multi protection: input over-voltage/under-voltage, lack phase, output over voltage, IGBT overheat, IGBT over current, over temperature protection, short circuit current-limiting protection.

l  Built-in EMI filter to filter the interference signal caused by the high-frequency switching process.

l  Communication and remote control: standard CAN, RS232/RS485 port and remote control software of the upper computer.

l  Efficiency up to 95% under rated conditions.

l  Large-screen LCD display, compatible with buttons and touch screen, suitable for operation under various harsh operating conditions.

l  Screen (key) lock: After the power supply is not operated for more than 5 minutes, the keyboard and input of touch screen will automatically be locked.

Product application

l  Fuel cell test                      

l  Testing of charger and charging pile

l  Battery pack, battery pack discharge test

l  Capacitor, super capacitor discharge test

l  Power electronics test                  

l  Energy storage system converter test

l  Replace conventional DC load

Technical specifications

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