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Regenerative Grid Simulation AC Power Supply
Product Model:
ANBGS(F) Series
For new energy industries such as photovoltaic and wind energy, suitable for inverter testing and verification.
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Product overview

The ANBGS(F) series energy regenerative type grid simulation power is specially developed for new energy industries such as photovoltaic and wind energy, suitable for inverter testing and verification. The power supply has the function of energy regenerative type grid and can operate in four quadrants, saving energy consumption with low operating costs; FPGA digital control technology is adopted for smart inverter test process; with sine wave output and multi harmonic superposition output, single-phase, two-phase or three-phase High/Low (zero) Voltage Ride-Through (H/LVRT), which can simulate various abnormal conditions of power grid, and cooperate to achieve test of over/under-voltage, over/under-frequency, unbalance and anti-islanding protection, meeting test requirements in relevant regulations. 

Product features

·     FPGA digital control, intelligent inverter test process;

·       With function of energy regenerative type grid, operating in four quadrants

·       Input power factor correction.

·       High-performance High/Low (zero) Voltage Ride-Through (H/LVRT), step, sag, flicker and other test functions, ride-through test within 1ms;

·       Complex programming for voltage/frequency setting, easy over/under-voltage and over/under-frequency test;

·       Three-phase unbalanced, adjustable three-phase voltage and phase difference separately, or direct setting of three-phase unbalance;

·       2-50th harmonic and inter-harmonic output;

·       Test complying with NBT 32004-2018, IEC 61000-4-11/13/14/28 and other standard and regulations;

·       Complete measurements: voltage, current, current peak, frequency, active power, apparent power, power factor, voltage crest factor;

·       Online monitoring: monitor IGBT temperature, transformer temperature, fan speed, input voltage and other parameters in output state;

·       Operating data recorders: keep the record of power supply status and alarm code automatically during alarming, save the maintenance time.

·       Lock key, user-friendly design, automatically locking without operation for 5 minutes to prevent from operation mistakes.

·       Combined cabinet for chassis, 8” large-screen color LCD;

·       Standard RS485, Ethernet interface, synchronous signal interface, optional RS232/GPIB interface.

Product application
  • ·      HVRT/LVRT: Programmed output mode for photovoltaic industries, to simulate the process of grid voltage sags and recovery and can simulate multiple modes such as zero voltage ride through (ZVRT), low voltage ride through (LVRT), high voltage ride through (HVRT), and Combined HVRT/LVRT etc., and the voltage, holding time, ride through angle, recovery voltage etc. can be set.

  • ·      Unbalance: setting of U/V/W phase and voltage individually, direct setting of unbalance.

  • ·      Sag: An output mode simulating short-time changes to voltage, 1ms Zero Voltage Ride-Through test.

  • ·      Programming: General programmable settings, voltage/frequency/phase are transformed by single-step setting, setting of trigger phase and cycle times, setting of parameters separately for three-phase output, sag/ride-through test in any phase.

  • ·      Harmonic: Harmonic editing (2-50th), various harmonics of various orders superposed on standard sine wave, setting of component and angle of each harmonic. The single harmonic can reach 30%, unlimited total harmonic content and harmonic superposition times. 50 sets of harmonic storage groups for fast calling.

  • ·      Interharmonics: Interharmonic editing, interharmonics superposed on standard sine waves, setting of interharmonic trigger angle, frequency, component and scanning time; frequency of interharmonic: 16-2500Hz.

  • ·      Flicker: Simulate the flicker characteristics of power grid to conduct the flicker adaptability test of DUT.

  • Large-size color LCD, numeric key input, knob operation

  • PC control software

Technical specifications

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