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Comprehensive Coil/Stator Test Scheme
Product Model:
AN8351(F) Series
used in the testing of coils and stators of electric vehicles, shaded pole motors, universal motors, etc.
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Product overview

AN8351(F) comprehensive coil/stator test system is suitable for static testing of various types of coils/stators, widely used in the testing of coils and stators of electric vehicles, shaded pole motors, universal motors, asynchronous motors, tubular motors, linear motors, and automated production lines.

Product features

l  Efficient: complete performance testing in one connection, automatic storage of test data.

l  Compatible: six-in-one test items such as withstand voltage, insulation, resistance, and turn-to-turn.

l  High performance: voltage regulation, insulation, turn-to-turn and other voltage adjustments using closed-loop voltage feedback adjustment system to accurately control the voltage regulation and rising process, stable voltage output.

l  Module: Module test unit to avoid interference, and customize single/multi-station, serial/parallel test system as required.

l  Intelligent: intelligent self-check, remote diagnosis and online upgrade, quick location of problems and eliminating.

l  Easy maintenance: plug-in design, convenient for disassembly; intelligent self-check, remote diagnosis, online upgrade and other flexible settings, quick location of problems.

Product application

Test items

  • l  Stator: withstand voltage, insulation, resistance, resistance balance, interturn, inductance, rotation

Test cases

Technical specifications

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