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Programmable AC Power Supply
Product Model:
ANFP(F) Series
laboratories, quality inspection units,scientific research institutes,certification centers etc.
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Product overview

The ANFP(F) series programmable AC power supply adopts FPGA digital control, instantaneous waveform control and high-frequency pulse width modulation (SPWM) technologies. It has the advantages of fast response speed, high output accuracy, and superior waveform quality; it can withstand 3 times the rating Current impact capability, strong load adaptability; with multiple output modes and complex programmable functions, which can achieve test requirements such as ladder, step, gradual change, etc.; with three-phase unbalanced output mode, to achieve relevant regulatory tests or simulate special power grids And so on. It can be widely used in laboratories, quality inspection units, scientific research institutes and certification centers.

Product features

·         Adopt FPGA digital technology, realize accuracy control and high quality sine wave output;

·         Advanced power management mode: three-phase standard mode, three-phase unbalanced mode (three-phase voltage can be adjusted independently, phase difference 0~359.9° adjustable), three-phase independent mode (three-phase voltage, frequency, can be adjusted independently) Parallel single-phase mode (three-phase parallel, single-phase output);

·         Programmable step, stage, varations function, can realize relevant regulations;

·         Harmonic function,2-40 times superposition;

·         Operating in over current shock (up to 3 times of rated current)within 2s, start the impact load of 1/3 capacity of power supply directly;

·         Adjustable voltage and frequency during output status, frequency change without transit time;

·         Measurement: voltage, current, current peak, frequency, active power, apparent power, power factor, voltage peak factor;

·         Online monitoring: monitor IGBT temperature, transformer temperature, fan speed, input voltage and other parameters during output status;

·         Operating data recorders: keep the record of power supply status and alarm code automatically during alarming, save the maintenance time;

·         Fan speed will be adjustable automatically with the temperature of power supply to reduce the noise;

·         Lock key, user-friendly design, automatically locking without operation for 5 minutes to prevent from operation mistakes;

·         Combination cabinet, 8” large-screen color LCD;

·         Standard RS232, optional RS485, GPIB, Ethernet, analog control and other remote communication/control.

Product application
  • l  Over shock capacity: impact load of 1/3 capacity of power supply directly without soft start;

  • l  Output mode management (standard three-phase output, separated three-phase output, parallel single-phase output)

  • ·         Programmable Output(Step,Stage,Varations)

  • l  Three-phase unbalanced output (amplitude unbalance + angle unbalance)

  • l  Harmonic

  • l  PC control software

  • l  Large-size color LCD, digital key input, knob operation

Technical specifications

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