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Single-phase AC/DC Power Analyzer
Product Model:
AN87310(F) Series
Rigorous industrial field type test, high temperature aging chamber test, electric tool test, lighting test, household appliances, commercial appliance production line standby power measurement
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Product overview

This AN87310(F) series AC/DC power analyzer adopts STM32 controller as the core and supplemented by FPGA, using direct sampling and intelligent identification technology, widely used in electrical measurements of single-phase electrical equipment, such as voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, electrical energy, time, harmonics etc., wide range, 4-window LED highlight, simple operation, U disk read/write, serial communication, parameter alarm, voltage/current ratio settings and other functions, multi-purpose, professional and reliable.

Product features

l  Universal wide-range design for AC/DC, DC~100kHz bandwidth, stronger load adaptability

l  Reliable, stable, compact, light

l  Fast measurement, refresh rate up to 0.1s

l  Standard RS-232 or RS-485 port, support MODBUS communication, automatic testing

Product application

l  Strict industrial site type test

l  High temperature aging room test

l  Power tool test

l  Lighting test

l  Standby power measurement of household appliances and commercial appliances lines

l  Current: 1mA~22A/5mA~55A, voltage: 0.15~1200V, rated power and standby power can be measured

l  Minimum power resolution: 0.1mW

l  50th harmonic and distortion analysis

Technical specifications

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