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Programmable Bidirectional DC Power Supply
Product Model:
ANEVH(F) Series
suitable for testing applications in laboratory, automotive electronics, new energy three power, micro-grid, high-power test and other applications.
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Product overview

The ANEVH(F) series is a programmable DC power supply that integrates DC power supply and feedback load, which can be used as a “source” and output power; or used as load to realize sink function, absorbing power and returning to the grid cleanly; standard dual-quadrant operation.

The ANEVH(F) series programmable bidirectional DC test power supply covers 7 voltage levels, covering 0V-2250V, supporting multiple parallel machines, and the power can be expanded up to 1MW; bidirectional energy flow, automatic seamless switching, high power density, fast dynamic response, built-in function generator and standard test curve to generate a variety of waves, excellent characteristics and rich test functions, suitable for testing applications in laboratory, automotive electronics, new energy three power, micro-grid, high-power test and other applications.

Product features

·         Integrating source and load functions into one, full series 3U standard chassis.

·         High-frequency PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC technology, completely eliminate the noise of conventional high-power bidirectional power supply, quiet power supply.

·         Higher power density, compact, high speed.

·         Energy flow in both directions, automatically and seamlessly forward/reverse switching.

·         Feedback efficiency up to 95%, energy saving, environment protection.

·         Voltage: 7 levels, covering 0-2250V, industrial highest voltage level, unique high-voltage series technology.

·         Built-in function generator, support arbitrary wave generation.

·         Built-in voltage curves for DIN40839, ISO-16750-2 and ISO21848 standard automotive grids.

·         Simulate a variety of solar cell output characteristics (Fill Factor)

·         Test the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) capability and efficiency;

·         Accurate voltage and current measurement.

·         Serial output can be set to test the PV inverter operating voltage range.

·         Comprehensive OTP, OVP, OCP, OPP protection.

·         S terminal compensation

·         Solar cell I-V curve simulation

·         Standard RS232 interface;

·         Standard graphical PC operating software. Single operation available.

·         Simulate I-V curve under different temperature and illumination conditions.

Product application

·         Micro-grid and micro-inverter testing

·         Automotive motor, controller and power battery testing

·         Fuel cell test, fuel cell DCDC test

·         UPS, on-board charger (OBC), charging spot, bidirectional DC-DC test

·         Industrial testing for electrolysis, electroplating, welding, etc.

·         Testing of communication power supply, LED product

·         Testing of automotive electronics, avionics

·         High power test, DC feedback load demand application

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