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AC Testing Power Supply
Product Model:
AN61(F) Series
applied for the labs and production lines in power electronics, avionics, IEC standard test and other industries.
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Product overview

The AN61(F) series AC Power Supply adopts advanced SPWM technology,DSP digital processing technology and high-power switching power supply technology,can output AC, DC, AC+DC power and provide AC load, DC load and rectification load with precise power input. It has the ability of offering 6 times peak current and is optimal test instrument of measuring the surge current, and can be used to set the angle of waveform switch for testing the surge current and output holdup time. It can also be used to set the fluctuation ratio of voltage and frequency for scanning the range of power input to be tested.

AN61(F) series product can simulate abnormal instantaneous rise, instantaneous drop, short circuit, jitter and others of electric supply, with the superposition function of harmonic waves or indirect harmonic waves, simulate the waveform distortion of electric supply, can also provide accurate and quick measurement of power parameters and harmonic waves, widely applied for the labs and production lines in power electronics, avionics, IEC standard test and other industries.

AN61(F) series AC Power Supply possesses strong programmable function, can complete the immunity test of IEC61000-4-1(test before certification) /-4-13/-4-14/-4-28 standard. Also, its programmable output impedance, together with the power analyzer, can complete the test of IEC61000-3-2/-3-3 harmonic wave current limit and flicker and is optimal choice of IEC standard test.

Product features

l  Advanced SPWM, DSP and high-power switching power supply, high power density

l  AC/DC/AC + DC output mode (only for AN615(F) series)

l  Programmable output impedance for IEC61000-3-3 test

l  IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-14, IEC61000-4-28 voltage/frequency change test

l  lEC61000-4-13 harmonic/sub-harmonic waveform synthesis test

l  High output peak current for surge current test

l  Pulse output for voltage dips test and simulation actual grid interference

l  Step output. The Step test mode provides automatic switch to change the output voltage step by step instead of gradually.

l  List output, In sequence test mode, the output waveform is the combination of all serial number configuration. The user can edit the desired output voltage sequence on demand.

l  Analog signal input interface for amplificaiton of external signal

l  LCD display, compact, light, meeting requirements of standard cabinet installation

l  Standard RS232 port, optional RS485, GPIB, Ethernet port.

Product application

l  Simulate power supply input interference

Pulse, ladder, sequence and other output modes, simulating of any output wave in one step or continuously to simulate grid fluctuation.

l  Testing of switching power supply inrush current

Free setting of start/stop angles through the output wave, peak current output up to 6 times, the AN61 series power supply is an ideal device for testing the inrush current of the switching power supply.

l  Harmonic and inter-harmonic synthesis (only for 615XX series)

Superimposing of 2-40th harmonics and inter-harmonics, so as to conduct comprehensive harmonic simulation tests.

l  IEC Regulation test

Output of test voltage that meets IEC test conditions. Additionally, the software of host has a built-in test flow of IEC related test regulations to facilitate quick set up and use.

l  Free wave amplification

The AN61 series AC test power supply can amplify power of any wave through the specific external port. The customer can record the actual wave on site using the wave recorder, and then send it to the specific external port of AN61 power supply via the wave generator for power amplification, so that the customer can simulate the actual wave on site to test the product under test.


l  Control software of host

Technical specifications

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