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Energy Storage Converter Solutions

Ainuo provides systematic electrical performance testing and verification solutions for energy storage converters.

For the efficiency and loss testing of energy storage converters, Aino provides professional equipment with high power, high measurement accuracy and multi-channel measurement. It can realize multiple tests of voltage, current, power, efficiency and power factor of converter input and output with one instrument.

For battery simulator, Aino provides bi-directional DC power supply with full power band energy return function, high precision and high dynamic response characteristics. Based on the accurate modeling of various battery output and charge/discharge characteristics parameters, we can realize the real simulation of battery pack characteristics.

As for the grid simulator, it adopts FPGA digital control technology, and the test process can be fully intelligent, with 100% energy return to the grid, and can operate in four quadrants, which can save a lot of energy consumption to reduce operating costs. It can fully simulate various abnormal grid conditions, and can cooperate with the completion of over-voltage, over-under-frequency, unbalance and anti-islanding protection function tests to meet the testing requirements of relevant regulations.

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