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Airport Power Supply Solutions

The hangar is an important facility of civil aviation airport, undertaking the centralized maintenance task of various aircraft with large power supply capacity. The main demand for fixed and mobile, 220V~380V, 400H static power supply for aircraft power supply.

Ainuo provides a full range of solutions for hangar power supply. The aviation power supply is mainly designed for aircraft to ensure aircraft ground power supply for maintenance, repair and start-up, and in addition, it can be used for maintenance of related equipment accessories. We provide 28V, 270V aircraft ground static power supply, 400Hz aircraft ground static power supply and energy storage aircraft static power supply for various hangar power scenarios.

Ainuo static power supply adopts FPGA to realize three-phase DC conversion technology and twelve pulse finishing technology, with high waveform quality, fast dynamic response, strong overload capacity, low pollution to the power grid, etc. The structure design is optimized for high reliability and mobility, with ultra-wide (-40~60℃) working temperature range and IP55 protection level, fully meeting the demand for outdoor use.

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