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Inverter Test Solutions

Photovoltaic Solutions, Inno provides users with a system of solar cell modules / photovoltaic arrays, photovoltaic controllers, inverters, etc. to be tested for performance verification. Inverter conversion efficiency test. Aino provides professional equipment with high power, high measurement accuracy and multi-channel direct measurement. It can realize multiple tests of voltage, current, power, efficiency and power factor of the input and output ends of the inverter by one instrument. PV simulation source equipped with professional simulation software to complete the various regulations EN50530 / SANDIA / NB-T32004 / CGC-GF004 / CGC-GF035 MPPT performance test ; the I-V curves under different temperatures and illuminance were simulated. Solar panels and components testing, to meet all kinds of safety test requirements, can verify the IV output characteristic curve of the day for the user, and record the data for analysis. 

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