【Electronica China 2023】 — Return With a Rewarding!

On July 13, the 2023 Electronica China Fair came to an end. As one of the most important electronic equipment exhibitions in Asia, this year's Electronica China Fair brought together 1,650 domestic and foreign electronics companies to participate in the exhibition. Aino Instruments was invited to participate in this exhibition, and fully demonstrated the company's testing solutions in lithium batteries, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage and other industries, attracting many corporate customers to visit and communicate.

Field Range

Electronica China Fair has gone through 21 sessions and is a professional electronic equipment exhibition with wide influence in the industry. Exhibits include: semiconductors, sensors, MEMS, relays, switches and connectors, automotive electronics, power supplies, test and measurement equipment technology, etc. The exhibition aims to promote technical exchanges and industry-university-research cooperation in the global electronics industry, and has been unanimously recognized by many industry leaders, technical experts, and scientific research scholars.

Exhibition Status

At this exhibition, Ainuo Instrument carried a variety of products such as safety testers, power analyzers, DC electronic loads, motor test systems, DC power supplies, and analog power supplies that can feed back to the power grid, and communicated with many customers on technology and dialogues with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain , grasp the market dynamics, and jointly discuss the future development trend of the electronics industry.

Through active exchanges with exhibition visitors and professionals, they affirmed the technical level of the products displayed by our company and hoped for further in-depth cooperation. We will continue to polish our own technical advantages, strive for excellence, and provide customers with more professional products and services.

About Ainuo

Ainuo Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 in the land of Qilu, and has self-built industrial parks in Jinan and Qinghai. Over the past 30 years, we have been committed to the R&D and production of various electrical measuring instruments, test power supplies and special power supplies.

Ainuo has a rich product series, which are widely used in photovoltaic energy storage, new energy vehicles, various batteries, household appliances, motor coils, power supplies and other electrical and electronic manufacturing enterprises, as well as aerospace professional fields, quality inspection and measurement, and scientific research institutes. All products have completely independent intellectual property rights, with more than 200 independent intellectual property rights and 19 invention patents, and participated in the drafting and formulation of more than ten national standards for electrical performance testing.

With the vision of becoming the world's leading professional provider of power electronics test solutions, Ainuo Instruments is determined to take the road of innovation and build Ainuo for a century.

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