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About Ainuo
Ainuo Instrument Co., Ltd., a professional designer and manufacturer of test equipment, instrument and meters, power supply equipment, automatic test system, etc., was established in 1993. We are expert in supplying professional test equipment, power supply, test and power supply solution for institutes of Quality Inspection, Commodity Inspection and Measurement dept. etc. & industries of electrical appliance, power supply and motor manufacturing industries.

ANFS Series in Energy Storage Station

At present, electric cars are hot, Batteries are important as the power source of electric vehicles, The quality of the battery directly determines the level of the EV. ANFS power supply can realize voltage and frequency regulation function through operation panel, in order to simulate all kinds of foreign voltage situation....

Application of ANF Series in EV Charger

The EV Charger in ZheJiang XX Company will be delivered (The left is DC charger, The right is AC charger). Different voltage segments are needed during testing, ANFP series programmable power supply can set the segment length directly, when the time is up, it will switch other voltage automatically. It is easy and convenient....

What is Aircraft Ground Power

What is Aircraft Ground Power. Ever wondered what kind of power an aircraft uses when parked at the airport stand. Normally the aircraft generates it own power, but when parked with the engines switched off power provided by the airport would be connected to the plane. This connected power is typically 115 V at 400 Hz and is called ground power....

Ainuo PV Inverter Test Solutions

PV Inverter Test – A PV inverter is a device that changes DC power to AC power and is also a key component in PV systems. There are two main types of PV systems, Grid Connected and Off Grid. Grid connected systems are usually installed on a building and provide electricity directly to the mains supply. ...

DC Power Supply in Anodizing, Plating and

Ainuo DC Power is a manufacturer of custom power equipment installed for anodizing. Ainuo’s expertise in power control and conversion has helped them become a global leader for the supply of anodizing rectifiers....


[Exhibition Invitation] 2021 Shenzhen Charging Station Tech

The 5th Shenzhen International Charging Station (Charging Pile) Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held in Hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and...


[Exhibition Invitation] Shanghai Motor Expo 2021

The Shanghai Motor Expo 2021 is an influential professional event in the motor industry with high specifications, great influence and strong internationality. It is a high-quality...


Ainuo AN531500s High Performance Photovoltaic Simulator

An531500s series high performance photovoltaic simulator adopts active power factor correction technology and high frequency LLC multi resonant soft switching inverter....


Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is China's most important festival. It is time for families to be together and a week of...


EV and Automotive Electronics Safety Testing Solutions

China’s Carbon Policy Background "Carbon peak and carbon neutrality" is China’s major strategic decision for achieving a green and low-carbon country, and applying new energy vehicles...


Ainuo Instrument Promotes the Development of PV Industry

Broad Prospects for PV Inverters PV inverter is the main intelligent equipment in the photovoltaic system. With the functions of maximum power point tracking (MPPT)...


How to Improve the Testing Efficiency of EV Drive Motor

Market of New Energy Vehicle Drive Motor. China’s new energy vehicle sales in 2021 reached...


How to Improve the Testing Efficiency of BOBC

OBC Market Expectation. In recent years, with the vigorous development of new energy vehicle industry...