EV and Automotive Electronics Safety Testing Solutions

China’s Carbon Policy Background

"Carbon peak and carbon neutrality" is China’s major strategic decision for achieving a green and low-carbon country, and applying new energy vehicles is one of the most important measures to achieve this goal. The "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" points out that by 2025, the competitiveness of China’s new energy vehicle market will be significantly enhanced. Major breakthroughs will be made in key technologies such as power batteries, drive motors and vehicle operating systems. By 2035, pure electric vehicles will become the mainstream of new vehicles, public vehicles will be fully electrified, and fuel cell vehicles will be commercialized.

New Energy Vehicle Safety Standards

Safety is one of the important foundations for the sustainable development of new energy vehicles. After more than ten years of development, China has established a relatively complete electrical safety national standard system in the electric vehicle industry chain.

Ainuo’s Solutions for New Energy Industry

Ainuo Instrument Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R&D and production of electrical safety testers for nearly 30 years. We have participated in the drafting of many national standards and industry standards for electrical safety products. We are engaged in providing a complete comprehensive electrical safety testing solution for various of manufacturers and quality inspection departments in the automobile and its upstream industrial chain products such as motors, electric drives, batteries, electronic controls, high-voltage packages, compressors, chargers, charging sockets, charging piles, charging guns, etc.

Product Model Selection

No.1 New energy vehicle safety test system AN1662SD(F)
★Meet standards: GB18384-2020 Electric vehicles safety requirements, GB38032-2020 Electric buses safety requirements.

★Comprehensive test: whole vehicle insulation, insulation resistance, insulation monitoring, potential equalization, multi-channel switching test.

★Complete solution: professional test accessories, production line accompanying device, CAN communication control, MES system connection.


No.2 Automotive electronic safety comprehensive tester PVS440H(F)AN1638H(F)/AN1636H(F)

★Multiple functions: ACW/DCW/IR/GB/DCG;

★High precision: 1% basic accuracy, 500VA capacity;

★High speed: Ground bond/withstand voltage insulation parallel test, multi-channel switching

★Informatization: Android system, data management, MES connection

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