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Constant Current Power Supply
Product Model:
ANCC(F) Series AC
an ideal test equipment for device manufacturers, quality inspection institutes and certification centers.
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Product overview

ANCC(F) series AC constant current source adopts FPGA digital control, instantaneous wave control and high-frequency Sine Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) technology, fast response, high output precision, and excellent wave; constant current AC wave output, strong load adaptability; 8” color LCD, high-level beautiful appearance, digital keys, convenient operation. It can output constant high current under low voltage, suitable for testing of low-voltage power distribution devices such as air circuit breakers, contactors, and transformers, and the design and production verification of transformers and inductance devices, reducing energy waste caused by load consumption while meeting large current testing conditions, which is an ideal test equipment for device manufacturers, quality inspection institutes and certification centers.

Product features

l  Adopt FPGA digital technology, realize precision control and high quality sine wave output.

l  Low-voltage, high-current AC output to meet the test requirements of relevant regulations;

l  Adjustable voltage and frequency during output status, frequency change without transit time.

l  The output frequency is 45~65Hz, meeting the test requirements of different power grids and devices;

l  Complete measurements: voltage, current, current peak, frequency, active power, apparent power, power factor, voltage crest factor;

l  Online monitoring: monitor IGBT temperature, transformer temperature, fan speed, input voltage and other parameters in output state;

l  Operating data recorders: keep the record of power supply status and alarm code automatically during alarming, save the maintenance time.

l  Fan speed will be adjustable automatically with the temperature of power supply to reduce the noise.

l  Lock key, user-friendly design, automatically locking without operation for 5 minutes to prevent from operation mistakes.

l  8” large-screen color LCD, digital key operation;

l  Standard RS232, optional RS485, GPIB, Ethernet, analog control and other remote communication/control.

l  Custom of current source of any voltage level and current.

Product application
  • l  Substitute the traditional voltage/current regulation, precise control and simple operation

  • l  Adjust current/frequency in output state

  • l  Large color LCD, digital keys and knobs operation.

Technical specifications

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