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Solar Cell Simulator
Product Model:
AN53S(F) Series
New energy photovoltaic inverter, energy storage converter.
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Product overview

AN53S(F) Series Solar Cell Simulator adopts active power factor correction technology and high-frequency LLC multi-resonant soft-switching inverter technology. It has high power factor, fast dynamic response, low output ripple and high power density. It has the characteristics of constant power and wide range output, as well as the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and simple operation.

The AN53S series extends the power output curve to provide users with a wider combination of voltage and current, which is more flexible than the traditional ' matrix ' output range power supply. Single constant power DC power supply output range may be several times the ordinary rectangular power supply. For example, the AN53 series of 1500V / 40A / 15kW model can provide 1500V 10A output at 15kW power, or 375V 40A output. If it is a traditional ' matrix ' output power supply, its output index is 1500V / 10A / 15kW.When the output voltage is 375V, the maximum current is still 10A and the power is only 3.75kW.

Product features

l  Wide range output capability, the output range is expanded to 3 times of the same power level ' matrix ' power supply ;

l  active power factor correction technology, full load power factor of more than 0.99 ;

l  high frequency LLC multi resonant inverter, the whole machine efficiency is 0.95 ;

l  the industry 's best transient response speed ;

l  Constant voltage, constant current, constant power three working modes to meet more test requirements ;

l  powerful programmable function, flexible function setting ;


l  Photovoltaic simulation function ;



l  Battery simulation waveform editing


l  Built-in accurate voltage and current measurement, excellent output stability ;

l  the lead voltage drop compensation terminal can realize the output lead voltage drop compensation when the large current works.

l  Complete protection function to ensure the normal operation of power supply equipment and load safety ;

l  high brightness color LCD display, beautiful appearance, simple and intuitive operation ;

l  support multiple parallel output, expand the power / current range ;

l  multiple machines can be flexibly set to single output or parallel output.

Product application

New energy photovoltaic inverter, energy storage converter.

Technical specifications


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